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Infernal Artillery - The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles


An Infernal Artillery for the Infernal Dwarves of The 9th Age Contained are STL files to print an artillery platform and 3 different weapon that go on top: Titan Mortar, Rocket Battery and Naphtah Thrower. These files are designed to be printed on a standard filament printer, such as a Flash Forge Inventor II. I've also tried it on an Ultimater with a heated build plate. Also included are some STL files for printing on an SLA resin printer. These are assemblies of several parts, to be printed instead of the separate parts. Supports NOT included. Needed for assembly are 1.5 mm diameter rods of varying length. There are two drawings included in the files that specify assembly and the length of the rods. If assembled carefully, the gears should all work, and the weapon (with its mounts) can be replaced.

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