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<p>This is an easy to print quick insert for the base game OMEN a Reign of War Second edition.</p><p>This insert permits to put the base game and all the released expansions in the same box.</p><p>I put together:</p><pre><code class="language-plaintext">Heir for the Dunes Edge of the Aegans Fires in the East Gifts of the Gods Tales of the Ancients Champions of the Nile </code></pre><p>Of course, you can put sleeved cards in box. Mine are sleeved with official sleeves. The box interior size is: 67x93mm.</p><p>You need to print 4x BOX_cards to keep the cards and their unique lid with game name.<br>2x BOX_tokens-coin and 2x LID_BOX-tokens-coin to keep metal coins and tokens.<br>1x BOX_victory-token to keep all the victory tokens for all games.</p><p>No support needed.&nbsp;<br>Only use walls for a 0.4mm nozzle so i printed at 80mm/s with my ender3 and 100mm/s with my Ender5.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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