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Lasercut 28mm SciFi Battle Computer - Lasercut 3mm MDF


Summary Your sensor or comms array is virtually useless with a way to process and display the data... To that end I present BattleComp Mk I. Voila! I recommend a slower speed (50) to etch the finer raster details, not more power. Now your battle objective marker just became real Boss! The accompanying Comms/Sensor can be found at - Includes two different base configurations. Would love to see how it turns out on acrylic? I designed this as additional space filler for my lasercut projects. Produces one Battlecomp per sheet with a minimum 0.5" safety margin around edge of the frame. You can fit around a dozen on one 3mm MDF cut from 12" x 9" (Arch A sheet size), which uses only 1/4 of the bed on an Epilog Helix. I have provided the PDF and a SVG files that I converted online at Shared as is. If you are inclined to be more than a taker and a consumer, pay forward by contributing to this site, as so many others have before you, or perform a random act of kindness, or donate to a good cause when the opportunity next arises. If you liked it enough to download it I'd appreciate a LIKE, it helps get the word out and spread these designs around. That is all.

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