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Learn  alphabet

Learn alphabet

Source: Thingiverse
Summary This is my personal project for the education at school, Asylum especially my object help teacher to explain the alphabet. I red this challenge and I have had the idea of this kids game-learning Post-Printing How its work! here is a little animation! How I Designed This kids Educational I start with create a support base that can handle all the polygons with letter, than I create 6 polygons with 6 face each one (hexagon)each containing 5 letters and 1 space exept for last hexagon that contain symbol. Every piece is made with tollerance so every hexagon can rotate as well! Custom Section Kinds Objectives: This project is for kids who have to improve the alphabet Audiences: Asylum, elementary School, kids that must improve alphabet, even teachers who have to helps kids with handicap Preparation: Nothing to preparate or know before my project My project should help kids in learning with colour and game, help teachers to teach and for keep kids attention in class! this is perfect for people who have to work like educator for handicap too. I hope that my project can help a lot of people!! really!