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LED U-Channel (9x17mm)


<p>I designed this because I couldn't find any 9x17mm aluminium u-channel here in Australia and really, this is one of the great things about 3D printers - if you don't have it, you can make it.</p> <p>The drive to make this was for use with SethBon's LED Light Bar Design and works well with this remixed MMU2 Lightbar:</p> <p><a href="">MMU2 Light Bar Remix</a></p> <p>While this U-Channel is an original design and not a remix, SethBon inspired it and I'd suggest you taking a look here.<br/> <a href="">SethBon's original Light Bar</a></p> <h3>Print instructions</h3><p>This is an extremely easy print<br/> Default Prusa settings work great with a nice clean print</p> <ul> <li>I use eSUN PLA+</li> </ul> <p>No supports needed</p> <p>Print on a diagonal to get the lengths up to 300mm (300mm needed for the light bar)</p> <p>Otherwise you can scale it to the length you need if you want something shorter</p>

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