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Modular 28mm Scifi Building Components


Summary Summary I'm looking to make some buildings for Infinity to replace the cardboard ones that come in the starter sets. I knew I wanted things that had interesting geometry (read: not just rectangles copy/pasted everywhere) that also had windows, doors, and support for multiple floors with ladders/catwalks/cover on the rooftop. I also knew that I needed these buildings to be somewhat modular because my mini printer can't print anything above 4.5" in any dimension. These buildings are all built to scale for 28mm miniatures (on the 25.4mm tile scale). I chose not to use OpenLock or any of the existing sets because they seem more suited for dungeon crawlers than wargames. Please give these a whirl and let me know if you have any issues! My printer is slow and I'm still new to the hobby so I'm learning things as I go, and the more people I have pitching in the faster we can get these standardized and focus on making more/beautiful decorations on them! I need help getting some prints done and finding any issues before I proceed much further. How to Use Simply print the floors and walls that you want to use and the pegs needed to put them together. I'm still dealing with print tolerance issues, but you don't really need all 3 pegs on every edge from my experience. You may choose to skip the floor if you don't care about it, or don't care about having a ceiling. A basic building (like the one shown) uses a series of wall segments and floors for the main level. The second level uses the same pegs to lock into the walls below it. The half walls act as a border to make the ceiling playable. There are ladders and catwalks if you're interested. Shouldn't need any glue, mix and match and put things together to see how they turn out! I mostly designed these to print with one surface undecorated (interior) so that they wouldn't need supports. You may want supports for the corner pieces, which are too small to have holes on every side. Known Issues I'm dealing with some peeling issues so I have a number of test pieces that printed where the interior of the wall (printed on the bed) peeled up. This is limited to my printer, but it means that some of my tested pieces don't square up 100% properly. I'm still figuring out the right print tolerances for the pegs (4.95mm at present) and the holes (5.0mm at present). Part of this is due to "sagging" in the holes (again, likely my printer issues) and I'm open to advice on what margins to leave here. Update Log *2017/10/12: First post Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Select Mini V2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.175 Infill: 20%

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