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Mr. Meeseeks - New & Old - RICK AND MORTY


Summary First off, I did not make these models. They were made by 3dprintguy ( I was looking for a better Rick model and found his website by accident. His models appear to have been designed for resin printing. They were hollow and had a large opening on their bottoms. I added a base and closed the gap on the backside. My printer does not handle models like these well, so I made the support version for keeping everything in place. I tried printing these originally at about 80mm tall, but the legs were so thin they snapped during printing. The above models are 125mm tall, plus the base. I don't have any rights to these models or anything Rick and Morty related. I'm just a fan and wanted to post these for those who wouldn't find 3dprintguy's models on their own.

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