Multicolor snowflake  3d printed quilling

Multicolor snowflake 3d printed quilling


A white elegant snowflake is an indispensable New Year attribute. I decided to bring some color into the usual decor. I created a multicolor snowflake that can decorate your holiday home. It could be a great gift to friends or colleagues. I create 3D printed models in the style of quilling. They are easy to print and easy to assemble. Just insert parts into each other. You can use different colors for your snowflakes. This model consists of several parts and has many color options. Insert petals into the base part. Petals have different sizes and filling. One snowflake has full black petals. Another snowflake has petals with holes, which makes it light and airy. All petals come in two sizes. The model has 18 small petals and 12 large ones. You can get amazing things when using different colors.

Download Model from cults3d

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