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Parallax (Futaba) Servo Horn Mounts


SummaryDesigned to mount on a Parallax Standard Servo (900-00005) or Continuous Servo (900-00008 which is the same as Futaba S148) with a 4-arm Horn. Connecting 3D printed parts to servos is challenging. Here are two parts which sandwich the servo horn to make a pulley as well as an axle for a square shaft (1/8"c2/8"). One part goes below the horn. The horn is screwed into the servo like normal. Then the other part is screwed into the first with four #4 bolts/nuts. You will want to customize the parts to fit your unique needs (e.g. gear teeth).Print SettingsPrinter: Parallax (Futaba) Servo Horn MountsRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: standardNotes: Built on a Dremel 3D20 PLA printer Standard resolution, no rafts, no supports

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