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Pontiac Fiero B Pillar Speaker Mount


B Pillar Speaker Mount Pontiac Fiero - All Years without headrest speakers. I decided to upgrade the sound system in my 88GT. I took the B Pillar speakers out (which were the original cardboard speakers and were badly damaged after 33 years). The ABS speaker mounts cracked as I was removing them from the B pillar so I used them as a basis to design a replacement in Fusion360. Please note: this model is for the passenger side B Pillar. To get the drivers side, you just have to mirror the model in your slicer of choice. I replaced the original speakers with Kicker 47KCS4604 coaxial speakers. These speakers fit this mount perfectly with 2xM4 bolts, washers and nylock nuts for the bottom speaker mount holes and the original mounting hardware for the other 3 holes. I would recommend printing this flat side down. You will not need any supports this way. I would also recommend using some self adhesive foam tape to create a good seal between the speaker and the mount and also between the mount and the B pillar metal. This will also reduce vibration noise from plastic on metal contact. Feel free to remix this but please attribute. Can be printed in ABS or PETG (I've only printed it in PETG and PLA for the test versions). On a side note, I replaced the dash speakers with Kicker 47KSC41004 and they fit perfectly with no need for modification - I'm also using The Fiero Store rear speaker panel and door speaker panels to add 4 of the Kicker 47KSC6504 speakers to the car. All speakers will be powered by a pair of AudioControl ACM-4.300 amplifiers. While mine came with the factory premium sound package (which I'm retaining - I've replaced the factory sub with a Kicker 47KSC504), I'm also mounting a Pioneer TS-WX130TA 8" under seat Sub woofer behind the passenger seat to complete the package.

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