Rat Trap Slim  - Refined

Rat Trap Slim - Refined


I really liked mackedusan's design. However, as I like to do, I thought there might be a few changes that would make it print better/easier, and be stronger in areas it really needed some extra supports. I used his files and oriented them for best printing, strengthened a lot of areas, and basically tuned up a bunch of areas. For example, to make it easier to assemble, I changed the "bolt" to use a printed "cotter pin" instead of the "plate" and included it in the arm print (they belong together). The arm is stronger at the trigger point now. The trigger was redone to make it printable on its back rather than the more risky vertical print. The choke was strengthened a bit, and the printed teeth made sharper and stronger (you still want a nail OR two drywall screws (holes added in the body) for proper rat handling. The body got the most rework I did a lot of work to strengthen areas that needed it, and to make all of the holes print cleaner - basically you will see all sorts of "touches" to the body. Give it a look, you just might like the results of these modifications over the original files.... Happy hunting. Update 3-Jul-19: I did a bit more refinement to the trigger to strengthen it more per some comments from mackedusan and included the axel in the same file to reduce file counts. I added an end on the axel that makes it stay in place better AND gives a fingernail hold to pry it out if you need to do any maintenance. I would print this one at 100% infill. Update 23-Sep-19: Updated the "body" and "arm" files to strengthen, and updated the "trigger" so it is printed in two pieces with the latch section laying flat to address concerns from mackedusan. The trigger now snaps together and if you want you could put a touch of glue at the joint. It is keyed so make sure to put it together in the correct orientation.

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