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Ratrig V-Minion 9mm X Belt (Mod)


<p>I broke the 6mm belt on my v-minions X gantry and found I had nothing but 9mm spares for my v-core.&nbsp;<br><br>I didn't see any reason not to use a 9mm belt, so here we go incase you get stuck or want to make your BOM simpler?<br><br>You will need to add 3mm to any hardware that is effected by the belt width:<br><br>1. &nbsp;1x Idler Pulley - Toothed for 2GT-20T - 9mm Belt - 5mm Bore (Compressible)</p><p>2. 1x Timing Pulley - 2GT (2mm) - 20 Tooth - For 9mm Belt - 5mm Bore</p><p>3. 1x M5x28 Cap Head Screw (For idler)</p><p>4. 650mm - Timing Belt - 2GT 9mm.<br><br>Cheers!</p>

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