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Sig Sauer P365 9mm Speed Loader


The <B>Sig Sauer P365</b> 9mm pistol has a notoriously stiff magazine spring, so a speed loader is a handy addition to your range bag. Insert the first round as usual, then use this loader to save your fingers for the remainder. <br> I saw them available for purchase, but I figured I'd use it as a project to get acquainted with Fusion 360. Spent about an hour of time modeling and tweaking between iterations. <br> <B>Usage:</B> Use speed loader as depicted in the photos to depress a round, then slide in the next round until it hits the loader. Raise loader out of the way and finish inserting the new round. Repeat until the mag is full.<br><br> I'd imagine this model could be resized for your particular model, although I haven't tried. Please comment with your attempts so others can learn.<br><br> <u>Measure your magazine at its widest points along the top 6 cm of the magazine:</u><br> - Front to back (P365: 32 mm)<br> - Side to side (P365: 20.5 mm)<br><br> Quick math will give you percentages to resize by in your slicer:<br> Your Mag Size / Sig Mag Size * 100 = % Resize

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