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Silencer .45 ACP 9MM


The model looks like a Silencer .45 ACP or 9MM. All parts of the model were made in full accordance with the original. Each dynamical part is separated and has correct pivot points, that allow easy animation and use in games. Advanced information: - single material for whole mesh; - set of 4K PBR textures; - set of 4K Unreal PBR textures; - set of 4K Unity PBR textures; - set of 4K CryEngine PBR textures; - FBX, DAE, ABC, OBJ and X3D file formats; - 4 level of details; Mesh details: LOD0 - 728 LOD1 - 363 LOD2 - 180 LOD3 - 180

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With this file you will be able to print Silencer .45 ACP 9MM with your 3D printer. Click on the button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs for printers on Silencer .45 ACP 9MM.