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Slider Business Card Holder


2 part sliding business card holder. Print support free and with no raft. Design supplied in both SLT and OBJ formats so you can add your own customisation if you want; logos/artworks should be placed as indent 0,6mm deep, and almost anything can be illustrated on the box lid as long as the depth of 0,6mm is used and open spaces are kept small. Also supplied in 2 scales, one for business cards sized 49x87mm, and the other for cards measuring 85 x 55mm (UK standard size). You can also scale the design to match your needs, using your favourite CAD or slicing software. Extra details 2 protruding surfaces on each end make for easy opening The oval in the base allows to push the cards up for easy removal The small bar in the top limits the opening so the box stays together Note - a light sanding with a fine wet and dry paper on the sliding surfaces make the box open and close very smoothly. Printing Details Our example - 0.20mm layer height 10% infill 2 hour 15min print time 28g Designers recommendations - Print scale Scale = 1 for standard size cards 49x87mm Scale = X 1,035 Y1,1225 and Z1,000 for oversized cards 55x90mm this will also accept plastic cards and fidelity cards Box designed for 12 x 0,3mm thick cards Print settings 0% support 12% infill 2 solid top, bottom and side layers

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