Socata TB-20 Trinidad  3D model

Socata TB-20 Trinidad 3D model


This model is built near to scale and is fully textured. It comes with a textured instrument panel and seats to give the model a complete exterior appearance. It has an animated propeller. The engine is modeled. The landing gear, ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder are also animateable. The model is provided with all materials and textures as shown and is available in one of 16 different liveries here. Additionally the model is available in 8 different formats for your immediate downloading. You may download one or all eight with the materials and textures (Matex file). The TB-20 Trinidad is a four place touring monoplane with a retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller. It was powered with the 250 horsepower engine. It has lower performance than many aircraft with the same power and size because of its “roomy cabin. Landing gear a re very strong and have advance shock absorbing capabilities making landings and taxi very smooth. The Cabin is very roomy having enough space to comfortable seat four adults. It is wider than the typical cabin for a four place airplane giving the aircraft two disadvantages, additional aerodynamic drag of the larger frontal area, and weight of the additional airframe. It is however popular with pilots and enjoyable to fly.

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