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Stroker Holder v1 (3D-Printable Sexercise Doll)


Do you have a large format 3D Printer? Looking for a better way to stay healthy, in shape and exercise not just one hand? Finding those flesh-toys (ex. pocket pussies, fifis, male masturbators, strokers and silicone vaginas) un-immersive and not motivating enough for "the little fireman"? 3d-print this model and enjoy great workouts with this awesome and useful apparatus. Introducing the Stroker Holder v1, a deliberate rigid body design for folks looking to improve their health, their "hard drives" and/or simply experience flesh toys in new and fun ways. The body is 29x29x38cm (11x11x15 inches) in size with a cavity that is 20cm (8in.) deep. The removable 2-piece cylinder is 9.5cm (3.7in) in diameter and fastens into the cavity via a twist-fasten mechanism¹. The 2-piece removable cylinder design enables customization of content density allowing the compression of soft content such as, roll-up cloths, sponges, silicone flesh-toys, water baloons, etc. by joining the adapter cap (shaped like the buttocks) with the container cup together (also twist-fastened). The removeable cylinder is then slided into, and twist-fastened into the body cavity. This simple design also allows for quick and easy hygiene by sliding out only the parts that need cleaning. BENEFITS Promotes full exercise of pelvic, abdominal and upper-body. Not just one hand/arm. Greater exercise that can reach cardiovascular levels. Rigid body allows partial dress-up. Increases pelvic-banging sensation due to rigid surface. Customizable perimeter wall and infills increases durability allowing for rougher treatment. Print using your favorite color and rigid filament material. Easy to clean / maintain. Very light weight (approx. 0.8kg or 1.7lb) Feel free to leave comments and suggestions (size, poses etc.) for v2 (development in progress). ¹ Add thickness to the removable cylinder with masking tape for a tight, smooth and quiet fit inside the cavity.

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