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Surface Pro 2017 Pen Clip


Summary Many folks have noted that the Surface Pro 2017 Pen does not have a clip to hold it in your pocket like the older Surface Pro 4 pen. Well here is a clip I designed in OnShape. The Microsoft Store didn't have any pens in stock so I couldn't buy one yet. But I did bring my Harborfright calipers into the store to take measurements on their demo pen. The dimensions are a little different than the SP4 pen. v4 adds support around the pen button for strength and to prevent the clip from sliding down. Thanks to TheCompassMaker for the suggestion. v5 reduces the inner diameter by 0.1mm to grip the pen tighter. You shouldn't need glue or scaling when printing anymore. Print Settings Printer Brand: Prusa Printer: Prusa Mk2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.1mm Infill: 50% Notes: Depending on the accuracy of your printer you may need to change the scaling. You want the clip to fit tightly but not so tight that it stresses the plastic. If it is too loose, you can always add a dab of glue inside the circular part. I printed in PLA which is not great and won't last long. ABS, PETG, or TPU would probably be better. When I printed with the long flat part down, the circular part was too weak and the clip part sheered between layers. For this reason, printing with the circular portion down is probably better although this makes the clip portion weaker. With such a small object bed adhesion and layer cooling time may be an issue. Recommend printing two at the same time and adding a brim if you have problems. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to export the .stl in the proper orientation, so you'll have to fiddle with it in your print software.

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