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Tevo Little Monster Trike Adapter for Trucks/Carriages


Summary No denying, the carriages on the TLM require a fair amount of adjusting to achieve perfect tension with the added challenge of being equal across all three. I've attempted to take the guesswork out of it by designing an adapter that converts the carriage into a three-wheel configuration, provides consistent tension, and uses existing hardware. I'm publishing this as a Work in progress so that fellow TLM patrons can help test this with me. Please post comments on your experience and any constructive criticism you may have. Thanks!! Print Settings Printer Brand: SeeMeCNC Printer: Rostock MAX v2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.20 mm Infill: n/a Notes: Print with 5 outlines and you won't have infill. I recommend Taulman 910 Nylon. If you use something else, let me know how it turns out! Assembly Carefully remove the three carriages from the printer and disassemble the two stationary wheels on each of them. We want the concentric wheels in place for potential adjustments. This is a great opportunity to inspect the wheels for wear and crunchiness. I recommend picking up some quality replacements (e.g. 3DVice). No additional hardware is necessary and you can use the same Allen wrench and open end wrench from your installation kit. Insert the Allen bolts through the carriage plate Squeeze the bottom adapter and slide onto the Allen bolts (like a bow) Place both brass washers on the bottom adapter post Place the bearing on the bottom post Press the locking nuts into the top adapter Place the top adapter and loosely tighten the bolts to allow some movement for flexing Adjust the two concentric nuts on the other two wheels to furthest position away from each other. Rinse and repeat for the remaining carriages Eccentric concentric nuttiness. All ready to go; well, after I finish the other two and put the printer together. They should hold their own weight with little effort to slide up and down with absolutely NO bearing crunchiness.

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