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Time Piece from A Hat in Time


Create your own bird movie prop, no eBird required! The sizes of the time pieces in-game fluctuate from kid-hand-sized to literal kid-sized. For this model, it's designed to fit in your hand (~9cm high), in true Mafia style. PRINT INSTRUCTIONS: =================== 1. Supports are compulsory for the glass and struts. 2. Print out the glass (x1) in a transparent material and make sure you use 'Vase mode' on your slicer of choice. 2 shells at 0% infil will also work in a pinch. 3. Choose one of the two strut files. One has an additional base to help them stick to the bed (strongly recommended). 4. Print the strut file once (it has three struts) with at least 20% infil and 3 shells. They'll be fragile otherwise. 5. Print out the plates twice, any print settings for these. 6. Sand down, fill, sand again, prime, and paint as desired.

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