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Torso of a Woman


The free approach to form, sources and materials that can be seen in Rodin's work anticipates developments in later 20th-century sculpture. He studied and collected classical art, and later in life made assemblages. Here he has placed his bronze torso on a dramatically different plaster cast of a classical marble pedestal from his own collection. The truncation of the torso makes it more abstract and less naturalistic. Rodin sometimes asked his models to sit on the ground with their back to him, arms and legs outstretched in front. 'In that position'…, he said, …'the back, which narrows at the waist and enlarges at the hips resembles an exquisitely curved vase, an amphora which contains within its flanks the life of the future'. By setting the torso on a classically-derived plinth, Rodin invited viewers to see the bronze as something set apart to be admired, just like an ancient Greek vase. A recent inspection of the bronze torso has revealed the presence of many of the metal pins that held the sand core in position during the casting process.   This object is part of "Scan The World". Scan the World is a non-profit initiative introduced by MyMiniFactory, through which we are creating a digital archive of fully 3D printable sculptures, artworks and landmarks from across the globe for the public to access for free. Scan the World is an open source, community effort, if you have interesting items around you and would like to contribute, email to find out how you can help.Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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