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Multi-filament spool rack


This thing is composed of 2 parts : feet (130mm on each side) and joints, you'll need to print at least two of each. You'll also need some 20x20 profile (such as this one) and rigid (metal, up to 8mm diameter) bar(s). The assembly is pretty self explanatory: simply put some 20x20 profile into the feet on one side, into the joint the other side to create the first level, connect 2 joints with another 20x20 profile to add a story. Once you've done this twice (two legs), add the spools using a 8mm steel bar. You're done. I've put it behind my printer, added 5 spools of 1kg each (will continue to extend) and it works like a charm, removes the spool from the printer (less vibration when moving) and saves a lot of room and hassle to have all my filament spools at the same place. Included are the stl files and FreeCAD source, enjoy, share and remix as you wish.

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