GHD Hinge Cap

A hinge lid GHD / cover for the model GHD 3.1b

GHD Hairdryer Holder

was made for GHD dryer, but it is also an older unit Vidal Sassoon we fit have.Print Sprinter Setting: FF Balsas Dreamer: No aids: Yes Resolution: 0.15 mm filler: 15% Remarks: printed upper / lower layers 5 and 5 outline shells / perimeter. Final...

Handle Kend GHD 0037 - D38x60cm

Kendo handle GHD 0037 - D38x60cm #djaja #handle #kenari #kenarijaya #kend

Ghd IV and V Straightener

ghd IV iron bolt support, compatible with all ghd IV and V smoothing range.Allows cool without touching anything.

Hair straightener holder for ghd brand

V2 attention ====> holder of the brand GHD to support lisseur cheveux pour à brand ghd

GHD + Squat Rack

HDG + squat rack unit combined I think about construction. ...The design has not been done and still needs to be refined.

ghd curl wand holder

My wife caught her curling iron on the bath. Especially what I wanted to sit, so they designed and printed these headlines for them. I do not remember how hot rod grip is checked, but if the temperature stays somewhere below 70 ° C (printed on PETG)...

Samurai Swords (Laser Marked)

Kit is black and R 0, G 0 and B is set to 0 255 Red and R, G and B replacing 0 0 Press OK -> End -> Replace the ghd All.Select logo, click File -> Print. Do the same with the CO2 laser. This time we change black to skip and choose Red FLP record. Set...